E-Course Goodies & Takeaways

Get ready to thrive with immediate access to all E-Course materials and videos.

  • Immediate access to all on-demand video lessons and presentations covering the Civil Litigation industrial line - Covering pleadings, written discovery, oral discovery, options for early resolution, working with experts, and more.

  • Immediate access to more than a dozen litigation tracking indexes in three formats (Word, Excel, Microsoft Lists) - Track pleadings, orders, written discovery, depositions, document productions, medical records, and more.

  • Immediate access to guided cheat sheets for tracking deadlines and trigger actions (fillable PDF), a comprehensive Litigation Checklist for each phase of litigation (fillable PDF), and a Time Tracker (Word, Excel, and fillable PDF).

  • Immediate access to example letters, guides, and templates for answering or issuing written discovery, scheduling Mediation, noticing depositions, corresponding with clients and witnesses, and more (over two dozen available for immediate download).

  • LIFETIME access to the Paralegal Boss Academy online community (powered by Thinkific + Zoom), as well as updates to the Civil Litigation Paralegal E-Course, and exclusive access to private coaching sessions.

Thriving with Practical Solutions

Design your roadmap to success

With more than 23 years in the legal industry, I know what it takes to succeed and thrive in this crazy legal industry. Transform your approach to litigation and design your roadmap to success using my proven methods taught in this Civil Litigation Paralegal E-Course.

Success Starts With a Plan

Here's the plan. We'll work on the following:

  • Developing your procedures and checklists for tracking data in your cases.

  • Identifying your case milestones and understanding where you're needed the most

  • Preparing templates, indexes, and guides to streamline day-to-day workflows..

  • Developing better habits for tracking deadlines, managing your time, and completing tasks.

  • Becoming a problem-solving Paralegal and reverse-engineering your case.

  • Finding the billable hour opportunities and effectively billing for your time.

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What are the Paralegal Boss students saying?

B. Valdez


The civil litigation workshop provided a chock-full of valuable information. The course materials are well written and Misty does an excellent job presenting. I have been in the industry for 30 plus years, and I am always looking for ways to improve. I saw Misty on YouTube, I was pleasantly surprised with her channel- it is not only informative but reliable. When the course was announced, I chose to step out of my comfort zone and signed up; I am smarter now for doing so.

K. Tapley


The Civil Litigation course has absolutely changed my outlook on my ability as a Paralegal. The knowledge, tools, and resources have put me on the right trajectory to grow and learn even more. I would highly recommend this course to any Paralegal, especially new Paralegals.

D. George

Freelance Paralegal

Misty has a teaching and mentoring manner in all that she does. I have taken her Masterclasses, taken her paralegal coaching sessions, poured over her YouTube tutorials, and downloaded many helpful resources from her website. Misty builds practical tips and instruction into every area of her social media and business and truly cares about the students and paralegals she teaches.

E-Course Curriculum Overview

Learn how to reverse-engineer your case and streamline your workflow

  • 2

    Welcome to the Civil Litigation Paralegal E-Course

    • Welcome Messages From Misty Murray

    • Welcome Packet & Community Info

    • How to navigate this E-Course

    • E-Course Materials (downloads)

    • A quick survey before we begin...

  • 3

    LESSON I: The Pleadings Phase

    • LESSON I: Curriculum Overview

    • LESSON I: E-Course Materials (Downloads)

    • LESSON I: On-Demand Video Lesson

    • LESSON 1: Assess what you've learned

  • 4

    LESSON II: The Written Discovery Phase

    • LESSON II: Curriculum Overview

    • LESSON II: E-Course Materials (Downloads)

    • LESSON II: On-Demand Video Lesson

    • LESSON II: Assess what you've learned

  • 5

    LESSON III: The Oral Discovery Phase

    • LESSON III: Curriculum Overview

    • LESSON III: E-Course Materials (Downloads)

    • LESSON III: On-Demand Video Lesson

    • LESSON III: Assess what you've learned

  • 6

    LESSON IV: Options for Early Resolution

    • LESSON IV: Curriculum Overview

    • LESSON IV: E-Course Materials (Downloads)

    • LESSON IV: On-Demand Video Lesson

  • 7

    LESSON V: Working with Experts & The Dispositive Motions Phase

    • LESSON V: Curriculum Overview

    • LESSON V: E-Course Materials (Downloads)

    • LESSON V (part I): On-Demand Video Lesson (Working with Experts)

    • LESSON V (part II): On-Demand Video Lesson (The Dispositive Motions Phase)

    • LESSON V: Assess what you've learned

  • 8

    Final Nuggets of Wisdom

    • FINAL TIPS: Overview

    • FINAL TIPS: On-Demand Video

    • FINAL TIPS: Assessment

  • 9

    Next steps ... You're almost done!

    • Congrats! Here are more resources for you

    • Before you go...can you do me a favor?

    • You did it! Download your Certificate of Achievement

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