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Learn how to store, access, and retrieve your data from anywhere while using any device. Learn how to easily and securely store your digital data so that you can be productive and profitable from anywhere.

If you answer yes to the questions below, keep reading.

  • Are you struggling to stay organized?
  • Are you struggling to find a case management system that works for your team?
  • Are you done spending thousands on products that don't work?
  • Are you ready to get back to the basics of case management?

Did you say yes to most of the questions? I did too!

Hi, I'm Misty Murray, Litigation Paralegal and Founder of the

Microsoft 365 Case Management System

In my two decades as a Litigation Paralegal, I've worked with my share of case management systems. Yet, regardless of the system, it was always the law firm making sacrifices to adapt. And because we're creatures of habit, we endure the good, the bad, and the ugly. In fact, we're often forced into buying expensive cookie-cutter case management solutions. 

After two decades, I was no longer willing to adapt and the needs of my team had evolved. I needed to find:

  • a robust solution that didn't break the bank; 
  • a cloud-based solution that worked securely across all devices;
  • a way to view my calendar and contacts;
  • a way to work and communicate with my virtual team.

I, like so many others, needed a better way.

While searching for a better way, I had to define the basic needs of most law firms today:

  • Email Management (digitally storing emails)
  • File Attachment Management (digitally managing email attachments)
  • Document Management (file repositories available online/offline)
  • Calendar Management (track your docket, deadlines, appearances, etc.)
  • Contacts Management (digitally manage and share contacts)
  • Task Management (delegate and manage tasks)

The solution was at my fingertips. The answer was Microsoft 365. The cost was $14 per month.

Focus on the cases and clients, and remove the fluff. Get back to the basics by leveraging the power of Microsoft 365. Turn your Microsoft applications into a custom-built case management system.

Take your casework with you. Access your cases on your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can bill eight hours at your office, or you can bill eight hours on your boat. The decision is yours. 

Take the Masterclass that will change your life.

Start building your new case management system today.

Effective Digital Management of

  • Emails

    Learn how to effectively manage your emails in SharePoint while driving the voluminous communications exactly where you need them to be. Easily track, manage, and retrieve any communication at a moment's notice.

  • Documents

    Efficiently save documents to SharePoint libraries for easy file management across all of your teams. Easily access all case documents using secure cloud-sharing with your team members across any device.

  • Tasks

    Delegate and stay proactive while managing your tasks across all of your cases. Easily manage without micro-managing with the setup of lists, calendars, boards, charts, and more.

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You asked for it and we made it happen!

Are you ready to take your Microsoft 365 subscription to the next level?

If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, then it is time to embrace the architect inside of you and build a system that works for you.

  • You are looking for secure cloud management

  • You work remotely or with remote, virtual, or freelance team members

  • You need an efficient way to work seamlessly with your team and your cases

  • You are adventurous and tech-savvy enough to venture the DIY waters

  • You are tired of adapting and paying for someone else's way

  • You are ready to be just as productive outside of the office as you are inside of the office

  • You are looking to create a system using applications you're likely already paying for

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Reverse Engineer the Process of Case Management

Say "Yes" to Building Better Systems

Additional Coaching & Support Bonus Materials

You' don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions

    Receive additional one-on-one assistance and guidance while you design and build your case management system. *Sessions are done by appointment only.

  • Support

    We want to support you throughout your case management journey, which is why we offer to answer any questions you may have regarding the case management system and the training materials.

  • Access to Live Q&As & Lessons

    All e-course students receive access to online LIVE Q&A sessions, as well as additional training sessions, not released on any other platform.


This is your chance to ditch the office! With this system, you can be productive and profitable from anywhere while keeping your cases, clients, and team members top of mind.

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Microsoft 365 Planner for Law Firm Task Management

How to Manage Without Having to Micro-Manage


If your question isn't answered below, please feel free to book a free consultation.

Q.        How long is the e-course?

A.         4(ish) hours of video tutorials divided between 12 modules. It will take you approximately 5 to 6 hours to complete the e-course.


Q.        Is the e-course given in drip-content, or will I have immediate access to all videos.

A.         You have immediate access to the entire e-course. Go through the e-course as quickly or as slowly as you’d like to.


Q.        Is the e-course only applicable to litigation?

A.         No. This system can be and has been, adapted to many businesses. This system is also used by District Attorneys, Private Investigators, CPAs, an Airline company, Freelance Paralegals, and many other businesses around the world.


Q.        What if I get stuck? Are the one-on-one consultations cost additional?

A.         No. As an e-course student, you would have access to one-on-one attention, as needed. This is also why we are only offering the e-course until February 2021. We are here to help. Please let us know how we can do that.


Q.        Can I template a SharePoint site?

A.         Presently no. However, my company has developed a proprietary method that is currently in Beta testing and undergoing IP protections. We plan to launch this propriety method to the public by September 2021.


Q.        How do you manage SharePoint sites?

A.         You can have 10 SharePoint sites or 100 SharePoint sites. In the e-course, you’ll learn how to create a Communication Site that brings together your SharePoint sites. The Communication site serves as your Team Site, your SharePoint menu to easily toggle between your cases, your training center, your forms center, and most importantly, the starting page of every day. I have my Communication site open all day, every day.

Is your question more specific? Book a free consultation HERE.


E-Course Curriculum

You will gain valuable knowledge in this e-course

  • 2

    Creating SharePoint Sites

    • SharePoint Checklist & Guide

    • How To Get Started with Microsoft 365

    • Creating a SharePoint Site

    • Wrap-Up & Things to Remember

  • 3

    Email & Calendar Management

    • Conversations & Calendar Using Outlook in Microsoft 365

    • Wrap-Up & Things To Remember

  • 4

    Document Management with SharePoint Libraries

    • Document Libraries (Shared)

    • Wrap-Up & Things To Remember

  • 5

    Creating Notebooks with OneNote

    • OneNote Notebook (Shared)

    • Wrap-Up & Things to Remember

  • 6

    Task Management with Planner

    • Planner for Team Task Management

    • How to Create a Template Plan

    • Wrap-Up & Things to Remember

  • 7

    Teams for Intra-Office Communication

    • Teams for Teams

    • Wrap-Up & Things to Remember

  • 8

    Creating a Communication Site for Your Organization

    • Creating Communication Sites for Cases Lists, Templates, and More

    • Wrap-Up & Things To Remember

  • 9

    Microsoft Forms for Intakes, HR, and more

    • Imagine the possibilities with Microsoft Forms

    • Microsoft Forms for External Use

    • Microsoft Forms for Internal Use

  • 10

    Scaling your SharePoint Sites with Templates and Lists

    • Templates to Expand the SharePoint Document Library

    • Custom Lists in SharePoint

  • 11

    Billing & Timekeeping in Microsoft 365

    • TimeSolv and the Microsoft 365 Case Management System

    • TimeSolv Features, Pricing Plans, and Useful Links

  • 12

    Congratulations and Thank you

    • Course Complete

Microsoft 365 for Case Management

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