• Are you struggling to stay organized?
  • Are you struggling to find a case management system that works for your team?
  • Are you done spending thousands on products that don't work?

Hi, I'm Misty Murray,

CEO of Arrow Consultants

I've worked as a Litigation Paralegal for the last two decades, and in that time, I've seen my share of client management systems. However, regardless of the system, the same cycle was on repeat - the law firm was always adapting to the new software rather than the software adapting to the needs of the law firm.


After many years of struggling to find a case management solution that fit my needs and didn't cost thousands, I said to myself:


There has to be a better way!

Out of sheer frustration of not being able to find effective software to fit my case management needs, I embarked on a journey to find solutions to solve the biggest case management issues - email, document, and task management - especially in a digital environment. 

By using the power of Microsoft 365 I've developed a system that brings it all together and provides you with the most robust and cost-effective solution that tackles the big issues of case management.

The solution is at our fingertips. Microsoft 365 has given law firms something we've all been dreaming of - an economical means of building our own case management solutions that are efficient, secure, and mobile. It gives law firms the power to take control of their own environments, data, and case management solutions.

Introducing the Microsoft 365 Case Management System

A System Built for Law Firms

Learn how to store, access, and retrieve your data from anywhere while using any device. Learn how to easily and securely store your digital data so that you can be productive and profitable from anywhere.


Start building your new case management system today.

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Reverse Engineer the Process of Case Management

Say "Yes" to Building Better Systems

Are you ready to take your Microsoft 365 subscription to the next level?

If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, then it is time to embrace the architect inside of you and build a system that works for you.

  • You are looking for secure cloud management

  • You work remotely or with remote, virtual, or freelance team members

  • You need an efficient way to work seamlessly with your team and your cases

  • You are adventurous and tech-savvy enough to venture the DIY waters

  • You are tired of adapting and paying for someone else's way

  • You are ready to be just as productive outside of the office as you are inside of the office

  • You are looking to create a system using applications you're likely already paying for


This is your chance to ditch the office! With this system, you can be productive and profitable from anywhere while keeping your cases, clients, and team members top of mind.

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Microsoft 365 Planner for Law Firm Task Management

How to Manage Without Having to Micro-Manage

Effective Digital Management of

  • Emails

    Learn how to effectively manage your emails in SharePoint while driving the voluminous communications exactly where you need them to be. Easily track, manage, and retrieve any communication at a moment's notice.

  • Documents

    Efficiently save documents to SharePoint libraries for easy file management across all of your teams. Easily access all case documents using secure cloud-sharing with your team members across any device.

  • Tasks

    Delegate and stay proactive while managing your tasks across all of your cases. Easily manage without micro-managing with the setup of lists, calendars, boards, charts, and more.

E-Course Curriculum

You will gain valuable knowledge in this e-course

  • 2

    Creating SharePoint Sites

    • SharePoint Checklist & Guide

    • How To Get Started with Microsoft 365

    • Creating a SharePoint Site

    • Wrap-Up & Things to Remember

  • 3

    Email & Calendar Management

    • Conversations & Calendar Using Outlook in Microsoft 365

    • Wrap-Up & Things To Remember

  • 4

    Document Management with SharePoint Libraries

    • Document Libraries (Shared)

    • Wrap-Up & Things To Remember

  • 5

    Creating Notebooks with OneNote

    • OneNote Notebook (Shared)

    • Wrap-Up & Things to Remember

  • 6

    Task Management with Planner

    • Planner for Team Task Management

    • How to Create a Template Plan

    • Wrap-Up & Things to Remember

  • 7

    Teams for Intra-Office Communication

    • Teams for Teams

    • Wrap-Up & Things to Remember

  • 8

    Creating a Communication Site for Your Organization

    • Creating Communication Sites for Cases Lists, Templates, and More

    • Wrap-Up & Things To Remember

  • 9

    Microsoft Forms for Intakes, HR, and more

    • Imagine the possibilities with Microsoft Forms

    • Microsoft Forms for External Use

    • Microsoft Forms for Internal Use

  • 10

    Scaling your SharePoint Sites with Templates and Lists

    • Templates to Expand the SharePoint Document Library

    • Custom Lists in SharePoint

  • 11

    Billing & Timekeeping in Microsoft 365

    • TimeSolv and the Microsoft 365 Case Management System

    • TimeSolv Features, Pricing Plans, and Useful Links

  • 12

    Congratulations and Thank you

    • Course Complete

Microsoft 365 for Case Management

Transform your Microsoft subscription into a Case Management System

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